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Marketing and advertising solutions for small businesses, non-profits, and emerging artists.

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Traditional & Digital Marketing
An integrated strategic marketing plan supports and communicates your brand to consumers. Every thing said or shown about your company can either add to or take away from your core brand message. That’s why it’s so crucial that your marketing communications are clear when they reach your prospects and customers.

Your marketing plan is intended to support your current year business and sales plans by identifying key marketing strategies and tactics. Your plan will focus on minimizing marketplace challenges, capitalizing on opportunities and highlighting your market advantages.

Unsure about how to reach your target market through social media networks or through email?  We can also provide you with just a digital marketing plan that will address just your brand’s digital presence.


Digital & Print Creative Service
Whether you need a logo, posters to attach to every marketing board, flyers to go out to your email subscribers, or digital flyers to promote a sale online, strong creative services is key.  Your creative presence should never be thrown together images that reflect the brand you are working so hard to build.  Print and digital images should scream your brand without it being obnoxious.

Your creative services must be something that makes you stand out among your competition that shows them that you are and your brand are a force to be reckoned with, and following the current design rules and trends while staying within your brand will make or break your brand.  Great efforts are made to ensure all these things work together simultaneously to promote your vision and make your vision a success.

Social Media & Website Presence
In the age of digital advertising, a website is a must-have. Small businesses are inundated everyday with ads, emails, and phone calls with big businesses selling “do-it-yourself” company website templates for a small monthly fee. However, that limits businesses to cookie-cutter websites that are just like thousands of other small business websites.

The goal of a company website should be to generate new business leads and promote sales, and ultimately generate new growth. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves much more than just getting a website on the first two pages of search engines. It involves optimizing a website with moral and ethical backend programming to drive traffic through key words and phrases directly to the site.

Public Relations Services
In many instances, marketing and public relations overlap; however, the two have completely different goals.  The goal of marketing is to increase sales.  While the goal of public relations is to boost a brand’s reputation.  Ideally these two services should work in tandem with one another, but sometimes brand recognition is a brand’s main objective.  Brand recognition through public relations most commonly include:  reputation management, crisis management, media relation, speech writing, press releases, event planning, outreach, and internal copywriting.

Reputation Management | What are prospects and customers associating with your brand image?  Not sure?  Take a look at your reviews on social media.  Are they positive, negative, or non-existent?    If the latter of the aforementioned are the primary messages, that’s an unfavorable online reputation, and it is negatively affecting your marketing/sales strategy.

Crisis Management | Seven out of ten business leaders have had to manage a business crisis since the business’s inception.  That means you will have to manage at least one business crisis in its lifetime.  Are you prepared if a crisis comes your way?  Do you have a Crisis Communication Plan in place?

Mediation Relations | Media relations is a great way to build your reputation with media influencers.  We are not just talking about communicating with the local news station.  It may mean reaching out to certain bloggers and journalists that reach your target market audience.

Press Releases & Speech Writing | Press releases and speech writing are the most commonly used forms of public relations.  They are both used to communicate and represent, in writing, a brand’s overall mission as well as the brand’s individual objectives.  Some examples of this are:  fundraisers, special events, annual meetings, changes in executive management, product launches, or campaigns.

Event Planning | Businesses sponsor and/or host events all of the time.  Chances are, if it was a successfully attended event, a public relations specialist organized it.  Public relations not only involves planning and executing the event, it also communicates the event to your stakeholders and target market audience, as well as attain media coverage, be it digital, print, radio, or television.

Outreach | Public relations firms use outreach as a tactic to boost brand visibility and reputation at trade shows and external events – obtaining and designing the booth and publicizing involvement through social media, press releases, and media interviews.

Internal Copywriting | Is your brand message being thoroughly and effectively communicated to your employees?  Your employees are the most important stakeholders your brand will ever have, and public relations can help you manage that relationship.  Public relations can help you communicate company changes, company culture, build employee morale, and celebrate successes – face-to-face and through the employee portal/intranet.

Andrea Powell Walker

CEO & Director of Marketing

Andrea started Divine Moxie Marketing in 2015 after leaving the corporate world. [blah blah blah]  Having worked as a Marketing and/or Sales Manager in several industries – pharmaceuticals, staffing, banking, retail, higher education, and telecommunications, she felt confident that she could provide small businesses with the same Moxie she had been providing “big business” for nearly twenty years.

Andrea received an Associate of Arts Degree in Management Information Systems from her hometown community college, Lurleen B. Wallace [LBW] State Junior College.  She then continued on to the University of South Alabama where she began pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in Marketing Management.  While attending USA, she was offered a full-time position in Marketing.  To take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, she chose to transfer to Columbia Southern University where she could complete her degree online  while gaining real world experience that afforded her the opportunity to move quickly into Marketing & Sales Director positions.